Overview of Building Surveying services

"Excellence in surveying is about understanding the age and class of a property and the construction methods of the era in which it was built. So the surveyor can trace key defects – We call this following the trail of suspicion."

Ringley’s experienced survey team can deliver all types of property surveys in accordance with Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) standards.

We can assist and administrate building projects and guarantee compliance with the latest legislation. Our expertise covers new-build, building regulations, defects diagnosis, planning maintenance strategies, sinking funds and many other methods used to reduce ad-hoc day-to-day repairs.

Why do I need a survey?

The best way to reach an informed decision before you in invest a home or business premises is to instruct a professional survey and valuation Before you decide to go ahead and commit yourself legally, you can minimise the risks by asking a qualified surveyor can advise you whether:

  • The agreed price reasonable?
  • There are any drawbacks I don’t know about? and,
  • If so, what do I need to do about them?

Mobing or Buying?

Ringley Pre-Sale Pack

When buying or selling a property managed by Ringley yout our solicitor will need

A Ringley pre-sale pack which containers the following (where available):

  • 3 years accounts
  • A statement of the service charge account for the property
  • Details on current reserves held & any current major works projects
  • The provisions for subletting
  • The provisions for service of Notice of Transfer & transfer of share membership certificates
  • The current insurance schedule (a full policy wording is available by reference to the insurers direct)
  • Where appropriate, a draft Compliance Certificate & Deed of Covenant

Whilst we are happy to provide details of the current year’s service charge we cannot provide any guarantee in respect of future expenditure as this is dependant on the Director’s future management decisions or emergencies which may arise.

Moving? Need a Survey?
We are delighted that you are considering buying a property at a ‘Ringley managed site’.

Now is probably the time that you are considering what type of survey you need and you may be interested to know that as we have considerable knowledge of the block we are offering a “privileged customer” rate for Homebuyer & Building Surveys.